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Premium Services

Forward Searches

As we gain in-depth understanding of our client’s business direction and human resource plan, we are able to do forward searches for professionals which their organization may require for future postings.

Opportunistic Endorsements

Our service standards require that we understand our client’s business. Thus we can bring to clients' attention highly qualified or rare talents who we believe can bring value and contribute to their business.

Industry Trends

We gather and share with our clients, significant and valuable information and trends, in specific markets and industries. This helps them arrive at more focused hiring decisions.

Web based Updates

We can provide updates on the progress of the search via our on-line account management system. Our client can access these updates anywhere anytime at their convenience.

Focused Professional Assessment

Together with our endorsements of candidate, we provide our professional assessment highlighting the candidate's personal and professional qualifications. If solicited we assist client in focused discussions to further evaluate candidates.

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